Substitution -- by Barbara Warren

This Case Study from Brick Township, NJ is based on interviewing Jack Nydam by telephone. He is Director of Public Works for the township. Brick has a population of $80,000 and is roughly similar to Staten Island in density. Jack Nydam 732-451-4066.

I want to mention up front that there are several different elements to this program beyond just substitution.


Jack Nydam began his change in program in 1997, when he needed to purchase new packer trucks. He opted instead to purchase automated trucks. He also had noted that most of the waste and recyclables were collected during the first part of the week. The second part of the week Th-Sat, the waste was half of what was put out earlier.

They were doing about 21% recycling at the time of the change. He changed to one garbage and one recyclable collection a week. They provide one can to everyone for garbage and charge $50 for each additional can. Before they sell an additional can though they talk with the family and show them based on what they are setting out, how they might not need another can. In most cases this bit of education is all that is needed. Recycling rates are now at 49%. Because they are not compacting they have no problems with broken glass at the processor (it is a small percentage) and they are collecting at about 5-6 tons per automated truck

They collect yard waste 4 times in the Spring and 4 times in the Fall. They also operate two dropoff sites for yard waste for people to use.

He will be getting me information about the costs for the program and the savings realized.