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The CRAB was created in 1990 after passage of Local Law 19 of 1989, which stipulated the creation of five Solid Waste Advisory Boards, one for each of the five boroughs of New York City, as well as the Citywide Recycling Advisory Board.   The CRAB consists of members elected by each of the SWABs, and some Mayoral and City Council appointees.  The CRAB meets monthly, has developed positions on many aspects of the City's solid waste policies, budgets, plans, and research, presenting testimony to the City Council on numerous occasions.  In 1991 the CRAB authored "Recycle First", a detailed policy document which received endorsements by dozens of city officials, resulting in a movement away from the City's plan for 68% incineration, to one with a greater emphasis on recycling, waste prevention, and composting.  The CRAB also advocated for and convinced the City to collect mixed paper and to collect on a weekly schedule citywide.  The following position paper was developed by the CRAB in February, 2002, and was presented to the City Council's Sanitation Committee.

Backgrounder and position paper - page 1
Backgrounder and position paper - page 2
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As of April, 2003, the CRAB's officers are:

Co-Chairs:  Kendall Christiansen, Tom Outerbridge
Vice Chair: Robert Roistacher
Secretaries: Eve Martinez

CRAB bylaws

Recycling Roundtable 3-page summary - DRAFT Conclusions

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