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Waste Prevention Coalition
backgrounder / position paper

Intro 29 of 2002
Waste Prevention Procurement

Coalition testimony
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As a result of the Waste Prevention forum, "Damming the Waste Stream", held December 1999, a growing consortium of organizations and individuals has become organized for the purpose of advocating that the government undertake specific waste prevention activities in New York City.  The Manhattan Citizens' Solid Waste Advisory Board's (MCSWAB) Waste Prevention Committee was a charter member of this Coalition and is represented on its Steering Committee by Maggie Clarke and Frieda Bradlow. 

As of 2002, the Coalition's officers are as follows:

Since spring 2000 the Coalition (consisting of 40 organizations as of September, 2000) has

  1. produced a set of detailed budget recommendations over a five year period for a number of waste prevention initiatives (residential, institutional, commercial, composting, and measurement/research) (see below for documents)
  2. testified at the City Council in support of these budget proposals
  3. lobbied the City Council to provide funding for these budget proposals.  One result of these meetings with Council was to convey the gravity and diversity of solid waste issues faced by the City.  As of early 2002, the new Council speaker, one of those we lobbied, established a new Sanitation Committee for the City Council.
  4. lobbied the City Council to include the five year plan in the City's Solid Waste Management Plan Modification for 2000.  One result of this was that the City Council and Administration agreed to establish a 3-year, $6.2 million program of waste prevention and recycling coordinators for the residential sector, Board of Education, and Housing Authority.  The Council and Administration also agreed to hire two environmental procurement officers at the Department of Citywide Administrative Services.
  5. worked with City Council to improve Intro 482 on Environmental Procurement and Agency Waste Prevention Practices.  As of early 2002, Intro 482 has been reintroduced.

Statement of Purpose.

The New York City Waste Prevention Coalition is a network of organizations and individuals dedicated to promoting waste prevention as the most responsible, environmentally sound and cost-effective means to solve New York City's mounting solid waste problems. ("Waste Prevention" is defined as the reduction in the weight/volume and/or toxicity of the materials that are generated for disposal or recycling. The means for preventing waste include reduction at the source through improved product and packaging design, consumer education, product reuse, repair & remanufacturing, financial incentives and legislation.)

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to promote waste prevention in NYC as the primary alternative to wasting both resources and money, and as a public health measure to protect communities from the impacts of solid waste collection, processing, transport and disposal, e.g., landfilling & incineration).

Our mission is carried out through these activities:

Waste Prevention Coalition Backgrounder & Position paper
NYC Waste Prevention Coalition Bylaws

Current List of Member Organizations and Businesses


Intro 509 of 1995 >> Intro 482 of 1998 >>>  Intro 29 of 2002

Since 1993 members of the MCSWAB Waste Prevention committee and others deliberated provisions of environmental procurement legislation and subsequently agency waste prevention practices legislation.  First there was Intro 509 of 1995.  Then there was Intro 482 of 1998 (see below).  The current bill, Intro 29 of 2002 was reintroduced as the first bill of the brand new City Council's Committee on Sanitation and Solid Waste in January, 2002.  As of February 2003, it has not had a hearing!   There have been discussions with Council staff (see our recommendations) and there is hope for movement in 2003.  

Please express your support!   Please spread the word.

Letters of support and/or written testimony should be sent to Councilmember Michael McMahon c/o Carmen Cognetta, 250 Broadway, New York, NY   10007, with a copy to the Waste Prevention Committee

On December 11, 1998 Councilmembers Michels and Freed of the New York City Council introduced Intro 482, City Agency Environmental Procurement and Waste Prevention Practices legislation, co-authored by the Waste Prevention Committee. Committee Counsel took further recommendations to strengthen the bill from us and others during summer 2000.  Intro 482a was prepared, and it is expected that Council will hold another hearing on this bill in Fall 2000. A 482 Fact Sheet is available.


Waste Prevention Coalition Testimony and Recommendations

Testimony on Pay as you Throw, Intro 29, Waste-Free NYC, April 2003
Why Waste the Future? May, 2002 report Exec Summary
Why Waste the Future? May, 2002 report Full Report
Waste Prevention Coalition Backgrounder & Position paper, Nov. 2001
Budget Testimony to Council Sanitation Committee for FY2003, March 2002:
         Summary by Marjorie Clarke, Grasscycling, Westchester's MRF, Bottle Bill Expansion,
         Refillable Bottles, Collection Efficiencies, SubstitutionEconomics Waste Match

Observations of and Recommendations for Waste Prevention in New York City, Feb. 2002

Statement of Marjorie J. Clarke, Ph.D. to Sanitation Committee, NYCity Council, Feb. 2002

Resolution regarding NYC Solid Waste Management Plan, Oct. 2000

Waste Prevention  Action Plan  November, 2000

Written Testimony on SAIC Waste Prevention Research Reports, Oct 2000

Oral Testimony -- SAIC Waste Prevention reports / 2000 Solid Waste Management Plan

5-year Waste Prevention Plan for NYC - Spreadsheet of Savings (2001)
Detailed 5-year Waste Prevention Plan for NYC (Spring 2000)
Summary of 5-year Waste Prevention Budget and Plan  (May 2000)

Testimony in Favor of 5-year Waste Prevention  Budget, Spring 2000